Something interesting happened when Buffalo-based builder/developer Savarino Companies showed a property to a potential tenant: 60 days later both the client and Savarino had moved into new spaces. Savarino’s client negotiated to move into the space that Savarino occupied at the time on Mississippi Street in downtown Buffalo. Savarino moved around the corner to their new location at 95 Perry Street.

Savarino chose MidCity to help them quickly transform their new space. Being in the building and construction industry, Savarino envisioned creating a space that combined structural performance with style and adaptability.  MidCity worked with Sam Savarino, President and Chief Executive Officer of Savarino Companies, Savarino’s Project Coordinator, Kevin Hays, and the architects to ensure the new space would not compromise on functionality or design.

“We wanted versatility in our office,” says Samuel Savarino. “MidCity had designed the office for Clark Patterson Lee, an engineering firm that is a tenant in one of our buildings. We were impressed with the modular walls that MidCity had installed for them, and we wanted something similar.”

With the move, Savarino decreased its office space by 45%, from 4500-square-feet to 2500-square-feet. “In the old days, our project managers were stapled to their desks,” recounts Samuel Savarino, “but in today’s electronic age, our managers are in the field more, accessing info from the cloud. So we need less physical office space.”

MidCity designed to the space, choosing furniture that would fit the smaller space. Allsteel Consensys workstations and modular walls were used because they provided both versatility and privacy. Because the modular walls can be moved, Savarino also has the ability to reconfigure its space in the future.

“Having columns every nine feet, dividing the space, was a particular design challenge in this project,” says Kevin Hays. “MidCity’s team overcame this challenge, giving us a fully functional space that looks great.”

Samuel Savarino concurs. He says, “I’m happy that we chose furniture that is durable, versatile, and affordable. The modular walls add a softness to the environment. The last thing we needed was more drywall.”


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October 2011


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