Interior Designer

Anna joined MidCity in 2019 after working in residential kitchen and bath design for 8 years. She wanted to move more into commercial design, and MidCity was the perfect fit. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Interior Design. When she’s not at work, she’s busy traveling and hiking with her husband, Matt, and working on never ending house projects.


If you could be any beverage, what would you be: Ginger Ale

Favorite Charity: Ten Lives Club

Chair you sit on at work: Allsteel Evo

What pets do you have: An Australian Shepard mix – Sadie & a cat – Clinton

What is your dream vacation: Hiking in New Zealand

How often do you drive over the speed limit: Is 5 over really speeding?

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? What favor? From where: Lake Effect Ice Cream – London Fog

Sometimes I send my clients to: Our Online Catalog

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