We never anticipated that our team would become experts at social distancing and returning to work during a pandemic – but that is exactly what has happened over the past year. During the worst of the pandemic, we worked with government, healthcare and other essential businesses to navigate this maze of regulations. It was our job to help service these companies in a safe way so that they could adjust and operate their mission critical services. As these regulations changed, we worked hard with our customers to pivot and adjust, all in a safe way. 

For example, we helped a publicly traded logistics company with locations in 37 states completely reconfigure traffic patterns, panel heights, install plexiglass and reconfigure their office so they could continue to operate and provide essential services to the public at large. At some locations, we assisted their expansions and in others, we helped them reduce their physical footprint and employee population.

There was no simple answer and each customer has a unique set of variables to work within. It was definitely a learning experience and one that we’d like to share with you as you struggle to maximize your resources and optimize your opportunity. 

Over the past year, we have become experts on the following that effect your ability to operate:

  • Plexiglass & Polycarbonate- Which solution and application is right for you? Freestanding, hanging, portable or fixed? There are many options that we can walk you through.
  • Sound Management- We’re doing a LOT of teleconferencing. How do we do it in an office environment without disrupting everyone?
  • Social Distancing- From space planning to layout and traffic patterns, providing a safe place for your staff to work and customers to be served is critical. 
  • Personal Protection – We’ve changed how we clean our office, from surfaces to air and even our hands.

As part of this, we interviewed over a dozen individuals from different backgrounds to hear about their struggles and successes over the past year. This project is aimed to help share expertise from many perspectives and help each of us overcome our challenges and return to work safely. Check out our youtube channel for more on this series.

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Stronger Together

We interviewed dozens of individuals from different backgrounds to hear about their struggles and successes over the last year. Find out what they said… 


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