When the Community Health Center of Buffalo began experiencing growing pains and eventually outgrew their 18,000 sq. ft. center at 462 Grider Street, they decided to move to a new location.

They chose MidCity to assist them in creating a space that was comfortable and inviting to the community, while still maintaining the functionality and technology of a high-quality medical care facility. “We chose MidCity because they are local, and we knew that they had experience working with other healthcare organizations,” states Mark Golden, Community Health’s Chief Operating Officer. “We were on a budget, and they gave us great quality design and furniture within our budget.”

“Sara Gleason worked with us to develop a symbiotic relationship between what we had in terms of the existing color scheme and the new furniture,” states Dr. LaVonne Ansari, CEO/Executive Director of Community Health. Because Community Health had gone from providing care to 6,000 patients in 2006 to serving more than 11,000 patients who had an aggregate of 40,000 visits in 2010, they needed furniture that was both practical and flexible. 

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Community Health’s primary focus is to provide access to quality health care to everyone, regardless of the ability to pay. “Because we serve the community, we had to keep running our practice while the transformation was taking place,” says Ansari. “Steve [Sommers] was phenomenal, patiently working with me and around me as I was running my practice.”

“MidCity worked with us to carry out our vision of having one location where members of the community could come to have both their medical and social needs met,” says Dr. Ansari. This flexibility and functionality is reflected in the design of the furniture chosen.


Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc.


January 2012


Steve Sommers & Sara Evans


Nickel City Graphics


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