Due to a devastating fire in 2007, Parish Commons was unable to provide the Elmwood Village with much needed medical care. After much time and effort, the building has been restored to one of the more modern Medical/Injury and Accident facilities in WNY. All the while preserving its historic significance. The Parish Commons building is the home of Medical Care of WNY, located at 656 Elmwood Avenue. Dr. Michael Calabrese looked to MidCity Office Furniture for guidance and expertise when refurnishing the historic building.

MidCity has enhanced every floor within the building while preserving the building’s integrity.  “Parrish Commons is a testament to what visionaries see.

When most of WNY saw a burned out church Dr. Calabrese saw a beautiful structure with “good bones” and with his team recreated a building that is used to maximum functional capacity. When you walk in from the outside, it’s a church but upon entering I found the inside is fanciful and exotic,” says Kurt Amico, President of MidCity.


Parish Commons


May 2013




Kurt Amico


Dave Lovern