“The Buffalo Medical Group was committed to providing a superior clinical experience to patients at our new Orchard Park location by having multi-specialty providers, laboratory, and ancillary services under one roof. Having this convenience is important to our patients. In conjunction with the clinical experience was the  desire to create a comfortable atmosphere where patients did not feel they were in a traditional clinic with that institutional feel.  We accomplished this patient experience with our partners at MidCity Office Furniture. The outcome was astonishing. From our Waiting rooms to our vitals rooms, the selection of furniture was aesthetically pleasing, extremely functional, of high quality, and accomplished every objective we were looking for. Throughout the process, MidCity’s designers were very accommodating, quickly understanding our needs, and always pleasant to work with. Having a local showroom, where sample pieces were made available for our review, made the selection process a breeze. But seeing it all come together in the new building was the high point. Hats off to the installers who did a great job placing everything in their exact locations and with the highest attention to detail,” Mike Vasiloff, Buffalo Medical Group.

“Working with Mike, Pam and the Carmina Wood Morris team was an awesome experience. We helped to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that came within budget and that is always rewarding. It’s what we at MidCity strive for,” Sara Gleason, MidCity Lead Designer.


Buffalo Medical Group


August 2014


Allsteel, ERG, International, Krug, Logiflex


Katie Clark & Sara Evans


Dave Lovern


Mike Vasiloff of BMG and Pam Timby-Stratiff of Carmina Wood Morris


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