Borderworx, a Canadian logistics company, built their new distribution and storage facility in Sanborn NY. 

Dean Wood, President and CEO of Borderworx, had a modern vision of a sleek environment that would help attract millennials. With an expectation to increase the warehouse operations and create another 86 jobs, Dean’s goal is to hire vigorous and imaginative employees. Having a space that reflects that thought process and philosophy was an important part of getting this right.

In order to create that space, Dean needed strategic partners to help implement his vision. Those companies included Allied flooring, Cape Furniture, and MidCity Office Furniture. The idea was to create a fresh, fun and functional environment for the employees. Dean explained his thoughts to the MidCity team and Jim and Sara went to work to make his inspiration a reality.

“We listened to him and valued his thoughts. This helped us open the door to be effective partners.” Jim said.

Working with the latest eye catching designs can be tricky. MidCity didn’t want to create something that would be out of date in a year or two. The carpet became a key component in the design. Carpet isn’t just about color or pattern. With today’s shapes and vivacious pallets of color, Sara was able to create fun areas that hold your attention. MidCity then used stylish furniture from Logiflex and Cape to take the look to another level.

Sara explained, “MidCity was very hands on with this project. Once Dean trusted us to treat this project as a turnkey interior project, we took the project to another level. That’s what happens when you partner with a client instead of being just another vendor.”

Borderworx is located in the Vantage Center Industrial Park. 


Borderworx Logistics


May 2017


Jim Smyth & Sara Gleason