Synacor is a global organization. Previously bogged down by private, structured high-walled workstations, Synacor sought collaborative workspaces and a smaller office footprint, condensing the design with benching style desks. Technology is changing at an incredible speed and Synacor needed to be on the cutting edge of the future.

MidCity Office Furniture created a design-forward, versatile space, sustaining Synacor’s headquarters for years to come. When the Synacor team was ready to keep their footprint the same in multiple cities Midcity found Scale 1:1, a manufacturer that went beyond the cookie cutter sizes. Acoustics are a common challenge of open workspaces, so Scale raised the height of the screen dividers and selected sound-absorbent materials. 

To further facilitate teamwork, Synacor requested productive, non-traditional meeting spaces. In one such space, MidCity employed First Office Coact lounge chairs with tablet arms to generate a relaxed, functional area that can be rearranged as needed. For another fun, informal space, MidCity selected Allsteel Rise to form modular stadium seating, encouraging an inviting, comfortable working environment for all employees.

Inspired by Synacor office locations in NYC and Ottawa, MidCity used a clean, modern, and sleek design approach throughout the space. A neutral gray and white color palette was chosen, accented by warm wood grains. The project needed to be phased so that the Synacor team could continue their missions, so project management was key.

“When a client allows you to be a partner instead of just a vendor, we can look out for each other’s interests as the project moves along. Having construction meetings throughout the timeline gave the partners that opportunity and I believe the project went off without a hitch,” said Kurt Amico, President of MidCity Office Furniture.

For Synacor, MidCity created an adaptable, innovative office space to serve and support the company’s ever-growing needs.

Erin Johnson from Synacor said, “[MidCity’s] approach is to find every way possible to bring your vision to light, no matter how customized it may be, and they offer highly valuable advice throughout… They went above and beyond our expectations to deliver on all aspects of our 30,000sf remodel, including pricing, quality, and the delivery schedule. We are now using MidCity for all of our office build-outs, including a new office in LA. They truly are the best in their industry and it’s my pleasure to recommend them.”




March 2018


Kurt Amico


Dave Lovern


Sara Evans

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